Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Alpine Exponential Hoppiness

Over the weekend, I drank a bottle of Alpine Exponential Hoppiness. This is from a real small brewery outside of San Diego and came by way of my friend Matt Rittenberg. He was nice enough to give me one of the bottles his friend sent to him. Exponential is a triple IPA coming in at 11%.
Incredibly clean citrus orange nose with a hint of caramel. Jo thought it was super strong smelling but I didn't see it. Well, smell it. She does tend to be way more sensitive than me though. Huge orange juice body with a blast of citrus up front, more orange hanging around with just a bit of bitterness coming through at times. The aftertaste is mostly bitterness, not sweet even with the fact that the body isn't that dry. No alcohol that I could find for the most part though it felt a bit like alcoholic orange juice. Very impressive mix of sweet and dryness that never became cloying. Just delicious and excellent use of hops. I imagine it's amazing when it's even fresher. Thanks Matt!


  1. Sounds awesome. I need to find a way to get ahold of some of this Alpine stuff. They sound great.

  2. The best you can do is make a friend in San Diego and convince them to go to Alpine. They do apparently distribute to the city, too, but bottles get snatched up nearly immediately. Plus, I don't think they send things like this into distribution.

    And yes, they make good hoppy stuff. Some people talk about their bourbon barrel barleywine, Great, but I haven't had it.