Friday, February 15, 2013

Cigar City Marshall Zhukov

Even with working from home now, I'm still continuing my weekly trips to Kite & Key disregarding the month I just missed because it was unrelated to that. This time I was excited to see that Marshall Zhukov, an imperial stout, was still available. It was put on for the Superbowl but considering it's strength, no surprise it was still here. In fact, I went yesterday and it's still available, so go now since it was tasty.
Big nose. Very strong smelling. Chocolate, molasses, and sweet sugar along with a little nuttiness. Lots of chocolate sweetness started things off with a little brown sugar and a lot of molasses. Strong tasting too. Definitely a bit sweet but pretty great in the small amount I ordered. Apparently the word treacle (a blend of molasses, invert sugar, and corn syrup used as syrup) would fit really well here. I'll admit I only know it because I just read it in a BeerAdvocate review. So, yeah, tasted like that a bit too. Regardless, go to Kite & Key and get a pour of it while it's still on if you like sweeter imperial stouts. Well worth your time. They might still have Bell's Hopslam on from yesterday too. Win win.

And yes I still have my return to Tired Hands and some other stuff to write about. I'm lazy, so sue me. If you didn't know, though, Tired Hands is having another bottle release on Sunday. Happily I'm in the believer's club so don't have to worry about lining up just yet. Hurray!

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