Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Dock Street Barrel Aged Prince Myshkin

Okay so I lied about not being lazy the other day. I probably should write a longer one since I have more time today but we'll manage to get over our disappointment, right? A week or two ago I drank one of my two bottles of Barrel Aged Prince Myshkin from Dock Street, a beer that's definitely getting a little long in the tooth at this point. It's from 2010 at least so it's no real surprise.
A mix of red wine, roast, and chocolate in the nose. Still as interesting as the last time I had it and pretty intriguing. Thick mouthfeel but a thin body. I know that sounds weird, but that's how it felt. Chocolate, roast, a little oxidation (sort of a cardboard flavor), and some apple fruitiness. As the flavors blended more, a molasses like flavor came out as well. Pretty flavorful still, but the age really is starting to show in the body structure and the added flavors from oxidation. Probably better off drinking my last bottle soon, though maybe I'll bring it to the upcoming bottle share instead. We'll see.

On a separate note, a bunch of really cool events are coming up. This Thursday is Cisco at Barcade with some great sours, Saturday is Founders at Kite & Key, Sunday is the PhillyTapFinder and PhillyBeerScene bottle share, and next Thursday is Goose Island at Prohibition. Busy busy busy!

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  1. I keep forgetting that I have all these bottles in my cellar. Am making a mental note to crack my bottle of Myshkin this weekend!