Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Epic Big Bad Baptist

And I'm finally back. Still getting used to my new schedule so I may still not be 100% consistent again, but we'll see how things go. Moving on, a while back I bought a bottle of Epic Big Bad Baptist while in Asheville and drank it pretty soon after.
Bourbon nose with some alcohol bite in the back. Not too thick but not too thin either. Body had chocolate, a little bourbon, and some slight vanilla. The finish had a light alcohol burn and a nice roasty finish. The only weird thing about it was that the alcohol stayed around for most of the bottle and caused a kind of weird oaky burn that wasn't super enjoyable. Sometimes the roast or chocolate overpowered it but for the most part it was ever present.

For a bourbon barrel stout, it just didn't impress me very much. I mean, at least it wasn't very expensive so it wasn't disappointing in that way, but I think I'll probably stop picking up Epic stuff since I haven't been very impressed with them. Oh well.

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