Thursday, February 7, 2013

Recent Trip to Tired Hands

This post is overdue but that's okay. It had been like a month or two since I went to Tired Hands and I knew that had been too long. Plus, they just had their first bottle release and I needed to go to pick mine up anyway. So, win win. With the release just happening, there was a lot of talk about one of their new beers, The Light that Spills out of the Hole in your Head. And, yes, I randomly capitalized some parts of that name since I couldn't decide how to write it. You'll just have to live with my grammatical decisions. Sorry! The Light was a double IPA brewed with orange peel I believe. Maybe some other stuff, too, but I don't remember. I'm so helpful.
Just a fantastic nose on this one. Straight orange juice, huge and really bright. Makes you want to dive in immediately. A solid body followed with more orange juice at its core and a little malty breadiness in the finish. Not much bitterness, just enough to stave off the sweetness. Definitely a delicious beer.

After that, I got Yes, Yes, Yes, Killing the Ego which if I remember is a saison brewed with chocolate. Unfortunately, I could totally be wrong so yeah, let's just pretend I'm right.
It's dark, at least, lending my guess on the style a little credence. Chocolate in the nose though mild. Not much else, at least in my notes. A bit fruity on the first sip with some light chocolate tanginess in the back. Kind of like a raisin and cherry mix basically. Interesting beer, decent, and pretty unique.

And then Jo showed up to bring me home so it was time to go. So convenient that this place is on the way home from her office. I did get a small glass of Whatever, Nevermind just before leaving, though, which I wrote was "absolutely delicious." Guess I liked it. Unfortunately, I don't think any of these are still available so you'll just have to wait and hope Jean brews one of them again. That's the only real issue with talking about brewpub limited beers, but, well, I talk about things you can't get quite often so most of you are probably used to it. I've got one more visit to Tired Hands plus a few more things to catch up on coming up. Hopefully I can get through them soon so I can talk about more recent stuff.


  1. "The Light" was indeed fantastic. I was a little less enthused with "Yes, Yes, Yes, Killing the Ego", but I think I may be grading on a curve when it comes to Tired Hands these days. Speaking of which, Perfect Touchdown (another DIPA that I just tried last night) is superb!

  2. I thought Yes, Yes, Yes was pretty good which compared to other breweries is just fine. But yes there are so many good beers at Tired Hands that it's hard to drink something just pretty good.

    Perfect Touchdown sounded great, yeah. Not sure when I'm going to get back here unfortunately since I don't work above Suburban Station anymore. We'll see though.