Friday, March 8, 2013

Founders Devil Dancer plus Brewer's Plate info

Because of their fantastic lineup on Saturday, there were still quite a few leftover Founders still on at the Kite & Key when I returned on Monday. Funny enough, other than the KBS, the only one to kick was the Pale Ale. Definitely shows a trend in their clientele. I decided to go with one I didn't try over the weekend and ordered a Devil Dancer, their 11% monster ipa.
I've had it once before and it was pure dank hops, nearly assaulting the nose. This one wasn't quite the same though with more caramel and some milder citrus hops. The body followed with more caramel and a little chocolate with a finish of some bitter, earthy hoppiness. The chocolate was probably the caramel mixing with the hops and not a direct ingredient but it was nice regardless. It tasted like a barleywine to me and not a triple IPA anymore but even so it was still pretty good. Just to make sure I wasn't crazy, I asked and found out the keg was from mid November so that explained the difference in flavors from the previous instance. This is a big, hoppy beer and even a scant four months can change it a ton as a result.
On a separate note, this Sunday is the upcoming Brewer's Plate. Tickets still seem to be available here if you don't have one yet. The event lasts from 6-9pm (or 5:30 if you splurge for the VIP tickets) and I'll be there. Looks like a great time and everyone I know that has gone before has really loved it. Plus it's for a good cause! The event pairs breweries with restaurants and there are a lot of cool ones. Here's a list that was sent to me:
  • Brauhaus Schmidt/Street Food Philly and Neshaminy Creek
  • City Tap House and Troegs
  • Fair Food Farmstand with McKenzie
  • Iron Hill and Iron Hill
  • Kennett Restaurant and Yards
  • Khyber Pass Pub and Sly Fox
  • London Grill and Desiato Cider
  • Varga Bar and Brooklyn Brewery
  • SPTR and Philly Brewing Co.
  • Southwark and Nodding Head
  • The Belgian Café and Fegleys
  • Tria and Victory
  • White Dog Café and Dogfish
  • Alla Spina and Stoudt’s
  • Keatings and Cricket Hill
  • Guerrilla Ultima BBQ and Dock Street
  • Field House and River Horse
  • Bar Ferdinand and Lancaster
  • El Camino Real and Weyerbacher
  • Cedar Point Bar and Kitchen and Boxcar
  • McCrossens and Prism
  • Triumph and Triumph
There's a few more, possibly only for VIPs, but not on the list I have. For more info you can also see In Search of Beer or FooBooz. See you there hopefully!

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