Monday, March 25, 2013

Great Divide Colette

I've only been having Tired Hands saisons for a while now, which are almost all awesome, so sometimes it's a little difficult to pick up some others unless I know they are good. I took a slight risk in the Great Divide Colette since I knew nothing about it, but turns out it's actually pretty decent. Great Divide stuff usually is, though, so it wasn't too big a risk.
Nice nose on it, very saison like. Basically flowery, herbal, and minty. Started sweet and fruity up front, sort of reminiscent of apples. Finished with more of the herbal, minty spice. On a nice, hot day this would be fantastic, just sitting on the roof deck out in the sun, enjoying it and relaxing. Of course it's hard to think about those times when you wake up and it's snowing, but we'll get there!

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