Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Goose Island Bourbon County Brand Coffee Stout

I didn't put a lot of effort into finding this one because a lot of bottle shops in Philly were charging entirely too much for it. When I know they have more than a 100% markup on it, I get a bit annoyed and refuse to support them. But, I was in a random restaurant with my family and saw a bottle for a slightly more reasonable price, so I decided to snatch it up. This is the awesome Bourbon County Brand Stout from Goose Island with coffee added to it in some way.
Oh man, what a nose. Sweet and fruity bourbon and vanilla with some coffee in the back. The coffee really balanced the sweet bourbon incredibly well. As I drank more, the coffee in each sip completely smoothed out every aspect from the base Bourbon County. Where the latter gets a bit fruity and sweet in the finish, this just never did. It even covered up the 14% ABV, making it possible to drink the whole bomber basically by myself. Just so good. I had it again a couple days later at Prohibition too. This is probably my new favorite beer. It really was that amazing. I mean, even my wife liked the couple sips she had. Too bad it's difficult to get and only comes out once a year.


  1. Hmm, "restaurant" and "reasonable price" don't usually go together, but then, a 100% markup is pretty darn steep (so, like $40-$50? That's nuts!) But I loved this one too, and I'm not even that much of a coffee nut. I think I may prefer the regular BCBS for that reason, but they're both pretty fantastic. Really sad that I couldn't snag a bottle of Cherry Rye...

  2. Well, Coffee cost $14 if you got it by the case. So, 100% markup gives $28+. I found it for $25 which I felt was more reasonable. Yes, I realize that is all of $3, but well it's my money.

    As far as the beer, I just thought the coffee smoothed out all the edges on regular Bourbon County. Also disappointed I didn't get a bottle of Cherry Rye. Of course those were even more expensive for no reason.

  3. Agree completely about the coffee smoothing out the edges. That's exactly how I felt. Loved this beer.

  4. Yeah, it really is awesome. I'm pretty sure at this point this is a yearly variant so I'll definitely be looking for more bottles next year. I do wish I'd been able to try the Cherry Rye but oh well.