Monday, March 18, 2013

More Tired Hands!

I hope you aren't getting tired of hearing about Tired Hands because I'm not getting tired of drinking their beers or writing about them. Helps that it's easy to never drink the same beer twice given their penchant for never creating the same beer twice. Jo and I stopped in this time since we were right down the street at the hospital. It's super handy that the hospital we chose is like two minutes from here. I'm sure my wife thinks the same thing!

The day before they tapped a new beer, Mrs. Pigman, and I was real excited about the timing. Mrs. Pigman is a triple IPA coming in at 11.5%.
Very clean nose, citrus mixed with melon fruitiness with a little hint of vanilla. Note that there isn't any vanilla in it just how I thought it smelled. I must have liked it since I wrote "wicked inviting" in my notes. I'm so odd. Body was just as clean with a ton of melon sweetness up front, a little vanilla behind it, and then finished with a little lingering bitterness. Just delicious and the 11.5% is completely absent which is just fantastic. I had it two more times after this and it was just as good. This was just awesome.

Even as delicious as that, I knew I couldn't get a growler of it since it would be too much for my friends plus, well, 64oz of 11.5% is tough. So, I got two small pours of two different beers, Galapagos and Liverpool, to decide between.
The Galapagos is part of their brett solera series, where they take a little of each batch and blend it into a newer version of the same beer thus every new batch has some of all the others in it. The previous version was Entropic and was delicious, but I unfortunately didn't like this one as much. A little barnyard must in the nose along with some bitterness. The body was dry and very thin, most likely a result of the brett working its way through most of the sugars. Definitely would appeal to some people, but I'm not much of a fan of this type of dryness. However, the Liverpool, on the other hand, was delicious. Wonderful nutty nose followed by a medium body with caramel, a little more nuttiness, and finishing a little bitter. It was less than 5% too which is always nice especially for a place that most people drive to.

And that was the visit. I ended up getting the Liverpool in the growler which was perfect. Not that anything else I chose wouldn't have worked too but this one worked really well and people enjoyed it later in the day. I've actually been back there since this trip, spending close to 3 hours there and trying everything they had available. Didn't take any notes that time though so you'll just have to believe that all the beers were delicious and that if you haven't been, you should visit. Simple enough.

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