Friday, March 29, 2013

Kevin Mudrick's Flemish Barleywine

I still have two other bottles of Kevin's beer in the basement, but he suggested I drink this one sooner rather than later so I went ahead and drank it the next day. I believe this is a blend of his Flemish Red and his barleywine along with some brett for added fun. The bottle was filled from a keg which is part of the reason for the low carbonation.
Smells great. Sweet and sour with a ton of apple and berry. Super duper thick though in part due to the low carbonation. Started with a light amount of tart vinegar and cherry along with a little chocolate. As I got more used to the flavors, I realized it tasted almost exactly like black cherry soda sort of tastes with that slightly chocolate, slightly tart mix. You know what I mean? Thinking about it more, he might have mentioned that he added some cherry juice to the blend. If I'm right, that would explain some of this flavor. Don't remember though.

This was quite delicious and at 10% there was only a hint of alcohol. Really solid blend here and just a great, unique style. I feel like if this was barrel aged, it would end up similar to Lost Abbey's Angel's Share though maybe a little more tart. It even gets it its own style category since I really don't know how to label it. Thanks Kevin!

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