Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Cascade Sang Noir

I picked this bottle up when my wife was pregnant with the express purpose of waiting for her to be able to drink it. Well, Pax is here, she can finally enjoy beer again, and so we opened the Sang Noir this weekend. This is a complex sour, aged in two types of barrels and then with bing cherries added to it. Or something close to that.
Lots of vanilla creaminess and a decent amount of sour cherry in the nose. Draws you in for sure. Thick body, low carbonation too. First sip is a bit of a punch in the mouth. Hugely acetic and then a large amount of sour cherry in the finish. Even with the crazy start, I felt like it ended remarkably smooth. As I drank more, the cherry presence was much stronger as well. Solidly powerful sour, probably not one for novices, but fun for those that like a bit of brashness in their wilds.


  1. Oh, very jealous. Did you get this in a trade? I saw Cascade in the Philly area a while back, but then not since then, and none of the big specialty varieties either...

  2. Nope bought it at Hawthornes. This was back in like November probably.