Friday, June 7, 2013

Drie Fonteinen Herfst

Besides being hard to pronounce, the Drie Fonteinen Herfst is one geuze out of a set of four. Armand, the owner and blender and mostly everything else at Drie Fonteinen, created one geuze named for each season. Each was priced quite a bit higher than the normal geuze because I believe he was using this set to fund creating a new brewery. Regardless, they were all fancy blends using the best barrels according to him and people seemed to really, really like them. Jo and I picked up two of the four when we visited Belgium last year and boy am I glad I did.
For those that don't know, official, proper geuze is a blend of one, two, and three year old lambics. Some breweries cheat that definition but definitely not Drie Fonteinen. Musty, oaky nose with a little hint of vanilla. Body was tart and a little bitter with a nice sour finish. Pretty dry, but not empty as there was a little sweetness.

While my recollection of their normal geuze could be off since it has been a while, I felt like this one was a little more bitter. More like Cantillon in that respect. Still, this was delicious and pretty awesome and totally worth the cost of entry. I mean, we only paid 24 euros so like $32. Considering their normal geuze is around $20 in the states, pretty worth it. Just a delicious, delicious beer. Jo really liked it too.


  1. 24 Euros sounds like a bargain considering it goes for double that amount these days! Sounds like an awesome beer...

  2. We bought it directly from Drie Fonteinen when we visited so that's why it was so cheap. Buying something at actual MSRP, amazing. And, yes, it was awesome.