Friday, June 21, 2013

Finally a Philly Beer Week Recap: Day 1 at Alla Spina

Yeah so Philly Beer Week was like two weeks ago at this point and I haven't written a word. Part of that was I didn't go to that many events but really I just haven't quite had the time. I wonder how long I can milk having a child as the reason I don't write. I'm thinking, like, a few months. Sounds reasonable, right? What do you all think?

But, yeah, whatever, I'm finally writing something today at least. The first night we were all going to go to Alla Spina and sit outside and it would have been super fun. Unfortunately, it was nearly 95 degrees and we decided having a two week old out in that heat probably wasn't a good idea. Don't bring your kid to the bar on a super hot day is probably parenting 101. So, instead I went by myself and bothered the bartender and Steve Wildy, the manager of Alla Spina and beverage guy (he probably has a far fancier title but this describes it just fine) for the Vetri group. Steve's the super skinny guy that's at Alla Spina a lot so say hi if you see him. Here's a picture of the taps and also Steve's back.
He's the one not in Alla Spina blue in the middle.
So Beer Week. For the first night, Alla Spina was hosting 4Hands brewery from St. Louis. Unfortunately, the brewers from there were running a little late so I didn't get to say hello to them but I did get to try two of their beers: Chocolate Milk Stout and Contact High.
While the Chocolate Milk Stout had a great nose, the body was a little thin for me though Steve really liked it. The Contact High, though, was lemony, dry, and a little bitter and really quite good.

And that was it for the first night. Big change from last year where we fought the crowds and sort of terrible service at Devil's Den and ended up at Hawthorne's, but that's how it goes. I've got a few more of these I'll write but not until I get back in a week. I'm sure you all can't wait!

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