Monday, August 12, 2013

Some Tired Hands Catch Up

I've been remiss again at making posts more often but I at least warned everyone I'm a slacker. Today, we'll do a little Tired Hands catch up on some of their bottles. While I do have some tasting notes, I think I'm going to skip the overly long stuff and mostly just post some nice pictures. Seems easier.

To start we have Handfarm, a wine barrel fermented saison.
Very pretty and well carbonated. Very spritzy and tasty.

Next was Guillemot, a black saison aged in red wine barrels I believe.
This was amazingly delicious. Creamy, sour cherry nose and super inviting. Body was excellent with a nice mix of sour, roast, and this deep cherry flavor. So glad I have one more bottle of this as it was awesome.

And last was Only Void, a big Imperial Stout aged in stainless steel.
I shared this in a bar, hence the odd glass. Big and boozy, almost port like. Tasty but very strong. I have red wine and a whiskey aged versions, too, which I'm excited about trying.

I've also been back a few times to the brewpub with Pax and Jo but no pictures. Beers were great, as always, and the sandwiches are still so tasty. I've started bringing all of our out of town guests there now that it is open at 12 on the weekends. Just too awesome to miss. So if you haven't been to Tired Hands in a while, you should head back. Always worth a visit.

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