Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Drinks at The Farmer's Cabinet

My friend Chart was in town from Montreal and, while on our way to Varga Bar, I realized that we were walking by The Farmer's Cabinet and since his fiancee liked cocktails and I wanted to check it out anyway, we decided to go there for drinks instead.  I'll talk a bit more about the scenery, food and feel of the bar next week after Jo and I go for dinner so let me just say now that it was neat, the candles were nice, and the decorations were very inviting.  Nice place.

My first beer was from the new Danish brewery Evil Twin and was randomly named Soft Dookie, a vanilla imperial stout.  Not really sure about the name, but the beer was tasty and that's really what matters.
Mild roast nose with a hint of vanilla.  Initially very roasty with a little sweetness and some dark fruit notes.  Not a lot of vanilla to be found at first but as the beer warmed up it came to the front and quietly took over.  By the end, it was a nice blend of sweetness and roast that wasn't cloying nor bitter and just very pleasant.  Look forward to seeing more of this brewery in Philadelphia.

After that I got an Uerige Doppelsticke, an altbier which is a German style brown ale apparently.
Hard to tell in the dark, but it was a very dark orange color with just a little ring of head.  First thought was that it smelled awesome.  Fruit, caramel, toffee, and just a hint of a bourbon aroma even though no bourbon was harmed in the making of this altbier.  Mouthfeel was thick and sticky and awesome.  Flavor was hard to define but hints of dark fruit (plum and raisins) with caramel and toffee and some alcohol notes.  Very enjoyable to drink and very tasty.

The rest of the beer list was very foreign and unique as well.  Lots of styles and countries were represented and while the prices were slightly higher than average, it's just something you deal with in my opinion.  Showcasing mostly foreign beers and having a large selection of them is expensive so go there expecting to spend money and you'll feel better about your visit and get to experience quite a few beers you won't see often.

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