Monday, April 25, 2011

Nyuk Nyuk Nyut Nut Brown Ale

The brown ale was the third of the original bottles my friend Pete gave me a while back.  The Black Double IPA was quite good while the Dark Sour Wheat was, well, slightly bizarre (and probably a result of infection.)
Pretty great nose on this actually.  Malty with a decent amount of caramel.  Unfortunately, the smell was a bit more impressive than the flavors.  A little bready, a small bit of tanginess and a few raisin and plum notes initially.  Very little caramel flavor compared to the nose.  The other slight oddity was that Pete called it a nut brown and, well, it really wasn't. Sorry Pete!  Still, it was way better than the Abita I drank the other day so Pete's better than some production breweries at least.

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