Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Great Lakes Doppelrock

I needed to wait for my wife on Sunday so I stepped into London Grill and got a glass of Great Lakes Doppelrock, surprisingly enough, a doppelbock.
Had a nice sweet caramel nose.  Not quite as sweet smelling as some doppelbocks, but close.  Initially, some bread notes, some caramel and some toffee.  Mostly caramel and toffee were apparent as I drank more of it.  Pretty tasty and glad I got to try it as I love doppelbocks.  Love them.  So much.


  1. I keep eyeing that one at the local beer store and can't get past the $10.99/4-pack price. I do love me some dopplebocks though. Might have to just bite the bullet on this one.

  2. I thought it was pretty tasty but that does seem expensive for Great Lakes. Must be the same pricing they use for their Blackout Stout and other seasonals though.