Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Bruery White Oak

Jo and I had dinner with some friends earlier in the week and I brought a bottle of The Bruery White Oak. I'd heard it was a sort of polarizing beer so I figured rather than drinking it by myself and hating it, I'd share it around and make my friends help me drink it. Okay that sounds hilariously selfish, like, I was bringing a beer I thought might be crappy and foisting it upon others, but I thought it had a chance to be good! I swear!
If you can't tell from the picture, it was super carbonated. Sort of smelled oaky with a spicy base that reminded me of a tripel though it's apparently a wheatwine. Light vanilla sweetness along with some bourbon came in the first sip with hints of alcohol in the finish. The flavors were okay and did grow into something interesting as I made my way through the glass, but the carbonation nearly ruined everything. For this style of beer, I just thought it was way too high and killed so much of flavor. Lower carbonation would let the vanilla and bourbon shine through so much more. Worth a try and not awful, but not super either.

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