Monday, July 16, 2012

Foothills People's Porter

Brian, a friend of mine, gave me this along with a DuClaw beer in exchange for a bottle of Weyerbacher Rapture. He picked it up down in Charleston I believe.
Really nice roasty nose without going over into burnt territory. Clean roasted body followed without any noticeable bitterness. Continued that way through the glass along with a good level of carbonation. Just a delicious porter as long as you like the slightly burnt flavor going on in it. Glad Brian chose this one for me.

There was a great bottle share put on by PhillyTapFinder and PhillyBeerScene yesterday at 943, a byob. Look for a write up tomorrow hopefully. Considering I'm still kind of feeling the effects of it, I couldn't handle being that creative today. I expect there will probably be a bunch of posts on other blogs too so I'll link them if I see them.

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