Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Central Waters Peruvian Morning

Central Waters isn't super well known but they are a very high quality brewery. They also do a bunch of barrel aging and are quite good at it especially in making a large enough quantity to satisfy their markets. Last night I drank a bottle of Peruvian Morning, a bourbon barrel coffee stout.
There has been reports of infection in some Peruvian Morning so I was a little worried but luckily this bottle was delicious. Soft bourbon coffee nose though a thin appearance. Started with some light coffee sourness, probably due to the age of the bottle, then followed by bourbon and a strong vanilla finish. The sour coffee flavor faded after a bit and left me with just vanilla, bourbon, and some chocolate from the base stout. The sourness wasn't a sign of infection as far as I know, just the coffee aging poorly in my opinion. Pretty good beer though the body could have used a little work.

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