Friday, July 6, 2012

Cantillon Vigneronne

Jo and I went to another BYOB the other day and brought a bottle of Cantillon Vigneronne (plus some wine since Jo is getting a little tired of me only bringing beer.) This was one of the bottles we brought back from our recent trip to Belgium. We bought it there because cantillon is way, way cheaper if you buy it in Belgium. Way cheaper.
I believe this is 2 year old lambic aged with muscat grapes. Smelled super funky. Lots of barnyard and notes of hay and various other funkiness. The body didn't actually follow, however. Lots of tartness instead with an almost orange juice flavor. A light bitterness appeared at times, felt like the base Cantillon lambic shining through actually. I didn't get much grape flavor in this compared to their St. Lamvinus, just sour and tart. Really reminded me of a more tarter geuze than anything else. Even without the strong grape flavors, I still felt this was pretty awesome and super complex. I've only ever been disappointed by the Cantillon Iris and I drank so much Cantillon that day that I may actually enjoy it if I tried it again. Hard to really say.

Speaking of Belgium, I'm going to try to put together a post for next week with some pictures and thoughts. Been slacking on that.

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