Monday, July 23, 2012

Tired Hands Visit

Took a visit to Tired Hands after work last week to try out some of their new beers. The nice thing about them going through a ridiculous amount of beer is that they'll always have something new for me to try! I had read about the sour wheat beer, Brothers, they had on draft and knew that would be the first I'd order.
Man, this is what I was waiting for! Super lemony sour nose with some herbal hops in the back. Great flavor. Lots of lemony sourness without being too dry. Really enjoyable and can't wait to see what else Jean and company produce along these lines. It's also cool how many different ways a sour wheat beer can be made. Some use sour malt, this one used a sour mash, and still others use brett and bacteria to do it the, quote, real way. To me, none is necessarily better than the other, they are just all different but I'm not a style purist by any means.

The other beer I had was the Trois Enfants, a barrel fermented biere de garde I believe.
So enticing I drank half before taking a picture! Lightly fruity nose. At first, it was almost smoky with a bit of roast or something which mixed with some bitterness in the finish. After a bit, those flavors subsided and it became maltier and more caramel flavored with even the bitterness fading a bit. One of the other customers said it had changed quite a bit while being on draft for two weeks. So even the same beer can taste different on respective visits! Enjoyable and complex but the Brothers definitely overshadowed it.

Another great time here. The fact that it is very easy to get to by train after work helps a lot. Two more very good beers down, a ton more to go. We also got our first growler fill this time, the Brothers of course. Jo really enjoyed it when we drank it last Thursday. Won't be heading back this week but most likely next week holds a visit. I'm trying to do every other week but we'll see.

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