Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Boulevard Imperial Stout

The other bottle I opened with my friends last week was the Boulevard Imperial Stout. This is part of their Smokestack Series and is a blend of 50% imperial stout and 50% of the stout aged in whiskey barrels. Honestly, it's not exactly 50 / 50, but if you're curious you can buy it since the label has the exact amounts.
Sweet whiskey nose, really inviting. No alcohol, no heat, just graham cracker and vanilla. Yum. Flavor followed with tons of delicious whiskey yet still no heat and only light touches of the 11%. Light graham cracker, vanilla, whiskey and some roast from the stout finished things off. I thought it was really awesome and I was impressed that it had as much flavor from the barrel as it did considering it was a blend. I've had others where the barrel component wasn't very prevalent but Boulevard did a great job. Just delicious.

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