Thursday, August 30, 2012

Troegs Perpetual IPA

This is the last of the three IPAs that I recently bought. Technically, Troegs likes to call it an Imperial Pale Ale instead of Double IPA, but it's really the same thing. It's hoppy and mildly strong so yeah.
Pineapple fruity nose that hints at some bitterness. Body is what you'd expect. Started with some of the same fruitiness then some bitterness appeared. In the finish, though, at least at first, is an interesting, almost bread-like quality. It's not the same pure bitter finish I get from other IPAs but is a nice change. Maybe that's why Troegs likes to try to pretend it's a slightly different style. As I drank more that actually mostly went away as the pineapple fruit flavor and bitterness grew.

As a side note, Perpetual IPA originally came out in 22oz bottles same as Hoptimum and then when it went year round, Troegs moved to 12oz bottles.

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