Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sierra Nevada Hoptimum

I want to say this is the third year of Hoptimum, but maybe it's the second, I'm not real sure. I do know it's the first year of it being in 12oz bottles instead of 22oz and as always I applaud the small bottle decision. Smaller bottles are just so much easier to drink by yourself especially when the beer is a 10% Double IPA.
Lemony citrus nose, nice smelling. A bit sharp up front then a mix of citrus, bitter, and a touch of burning alcohol. Those flavors all stick around through each sip. The finish had a light burning sweetness and some lingering alcohol. As I drank more, the 10% edge came and went but so did some orange citrus. At this point, I think my bottles may be almost 3 months old so maybe fresher the alcohol is a bit more hidden. Still, I liked it well enough to drink three bottles in a week so even slightly old I still thought it was good.

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