Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Founders Red's Rye at Kite & Key

Even with a slightly crazy weekend of drinking and eating, I wasn't going to miss my Monday stop at Kite & Key. I did, however, choose something a little lighter in the form of Founders Red's Rye. Only a little though since it is still 6.6%.
Citrus nose with just a hint of rye spiciness and some malty sweetness. The body was slightly bitter up front but mostly sweet malt and rye spiciness with the citrus hops taking a back seat. This is just a really solid beer, very smooth and tasty. An added benefit is it comes in the Founders variety case and it isn't too expensive.

Also got to chat with Jim for a bit which was fun. First time I've seen him in a while. Kite & Key has some great stuff lined up over the next few months and I cannot wait for more Savage Sixtel Sundays.

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