Friday, January 25, 2013

Kevin Mudrick IRS

This is the second of the bottles Kevin gave me a while ago. This time it's an imperial stout which was aged on Jim Beam soaked American oak cubes. Interesting stuff eh? At this point, it was also about seven months old.
Lots of things going on in the aroma. Chocolate and roast mainly but then some sort of, like, juicy flavor to it. Jo thought it was similar to apple juice while I thought it was sort of the flavor you get from cocoa powder at times. Different thoughts for sure. The body was pretty similar actually with some vanilla, chocolate, and more of the cocoa powder / apple juice flavor. None of the flavors were too strong or anything and they blended pretty well. Flavors became more cohesive as I drank through the bottle which was good as well.

Pretty decent imperial stout even after a year. More consistent through the whole thing than the ODD barleywine I had earlier which is nice to see. Be interesting to see how different the IRS was fresh and without the oak chips but either way I enjoyed the glass I had of this one.

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