Friday, January 11, 2013

New Belgium Frambozen

So I was right and I was lazy today. Beer it is! One of the places we had dinner in Asheville was Barley's Taproom, a quite large and pretty nice pizza place. There was a decent number of drafts with quite a few local ones, but I started with one from New Belgium and then moved to local. Frambozen is a raspberry brown ale which I didn't know at the time but does make sense considering the flavors.
Basically smelled like raspberry iced tea with the raspberry overwhelming everything. Since I didn't know the style at the time other than it had raspberry in it, my notes say, "big raspberry flavor on top of a lager like flavor, a nuttiness if you will. Slightly odd finish too." Knowing it's a brown ale as a base makes some of those flavors make sense, but I still wasn't a big fan of this. The raspberry was nice but otherwise it was just eh and I didn't really like the base beer flavors. Win some, you lose some. Sorry New Belgium!

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