Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yards Trubbel De Yards

It's been a while since my last post and it'll be a bit after this one too since I'm heading to San Francisco soon. Oh well, it happens right? It's been a couple weeks since I had this Trubbel de Yards at Kite & Key, but no matter. It's sort of a mix of tripel and dubbel according to Yards.
Certainly looks more like a dubbel than a tripel. Taste went that way too. Lots of caramel with a little chocolate in the nose. Pretty nice. Medium body, not thin but not thick either. Flavor was a mix of caramel and banana bread with a little cocoa in the finish. Quite delicious, glad I got to try it. I thought they were planning on releasing this in 750mL bottles, but we'll see if that plan comes to fruition or not.

On a completely separate and random note, I was sent this image about cider by someone and thought it was pretty interesting. Not that I ever really drink cider, but hey information is information. Plus cider really is getting more popular since it's not all just sugary junk anymore.
Cider Infographic
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So there you go. Hope it's not just interesting to me!


  1. That Yards Trubbel is definitely available in 750 bottles. Just bought one myself! I never know what to make of Yards' stranger style descriptions though. They call Cape of Good Hope an Imperial Pale Ale (not an IPA or Double IPA, which is strange, because it's clearly a DIPA)

  2. Oh huh. Shows how often I go to shops.

    As far as their descriptions, I didn't realize they called Cape of Good Hope that. I know Troegs calls Perpetual IPA an Imperial Pale Ale though. Still, regardless of style, the beers are tasty.