Monday, April 2, 2012

Downtown Joe's Bar and Grill

It's been a while since we were actually there, but I have a few pictures and took some notes so I figured I'd write a little bit about Downtown Joe's Bar and Grill in Napa, California. We stopped here for lunch during our day of wine tasting and it made for a nice break, at least for me. It's located directly in Napa and is really hard to miss as it was right at the end of the main street. I'm pretty sure you can't miss it if you're driving through the town.
I, of course, ordered a sampler since that's what I do.
As you can see, their sampler was quite a healthy amount of beer. At this point I don't remember what each beer was called but I do remember the two that I thought were pretty good beers. The Old Magnolia Oatmeal Stout was quite good with a nice roast and malt nose. The taste followed with more roast and a nice nuttiness from the oatmeal followed by a little bitterness. The other one was Lou Paine's Pale Ale and all I wrote was that it was quite tasty. My notes are so useful sometimes. My wife liked their Amber which had a slight roast character to it, making it pretty unique for an amber.

That's about it for that. Not much to say, really. The place was a bit expensive but that's not super surprising being in downtown Napa. They had a couple of beers that were tasty enough and their food was decent so if you're in the area, give it a shot as it's worth trying.

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