Monday, April 9, 2012

Lost Rhino Rhinoel

Okay so this is the second to last bottle my brother gave me for Hanukkah. Yes, I realize that was back in late December, but, well, you should already know I drink incredibly slowly. I blame drinking slowly for the bottles collecting in my basement more than my innate need to buy things I can't find when I'm on vacation. Or at least that's what I tell myself.

Lost Rhino Rhinoel is a dubbel.
The first surprise was that it was sealed with a cork hidden under the cap. I'm not totally sure why they felt the need for a cork but be prepared for it when you do buy the beer. Malty sweet nose with lots of bread notes. Really nice aroma for a dubbel. Sweet malt, mild fruitiness, and some clove follow. There was also a slight undertone, almost a smokiness, that brought it all together. Basically tasted like a real dubbel from Belgium. Really impressive actually. I quite enjoyed this and thought it was one of the better American dubbels I've had in a long while. Seriously, though, the cork seemed a bit unnecessary.

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