Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Another Savage Sixtel Sunday at Kite & Key

Feels like it was just yesterday that I went to the previous Savage Sixtel Sunday but it's actually been almost a month. Time flies, eh? This time the lineup was impressive with two from Russian River, two from Dogfish Head, an Alesmith, and a couple other rarer sixtels to round out the lineup. The really cool thing was that I finally got to check out the Dogfish Head Randall, their weirdo filter like contraption that lets bars flavor beers in different ways. For this event, the Kite & Key was running Dogfish Head Worldwide Stout through a mix of coffee and vanilla beans. Doesn't that just sound delicious?

I ordered a glass of the Alesmith Speedway Stout since starting with an 18% monster seemed wrong in some way.
Dark picture but it's a dark beer so just pretend you can see the glass. Or look at this post when I drank a bottle of it. Clean chocolate nose, really inviting. Incredibly smooth first sip. Chocolate, coffee and a mildly roasty finish. No hint of the 12% abv. Just an outstanding, delicious stout. Definitely order this if you see it.

Next was the Dogfish Head Worldwide Stout through the Randall.
One of the side effects of the Randall is that the beer pours like a milk shake. Just tons of head on it. You can see how thick and foamy it looks in the picture. Smelled like really creamy coffee. Kind of crazy. On first sip my thought was how dangerously smooth this was at 18%. Tart sweetness from the base followed by really good coffee and finished with vanilla sweetness. The coffee was the major point with the vanilla providing a nice counterpoint to balance the dark fruit from the stout. Near the end of the glass, the coffee faded a bit and the base came through some more, but at that point it didn't matter since I was used to the stronger flavors. Even if you're not a fan of the regular Worldwide Stout, this was totally worth it.

There was quite a bit more available on draft as I said above, but one at 12% and another at 18% was plenty for me on a Sunday night. Since it was raining quite hard, I figured things would last until I was back on Tuesday and I was right as I got a glass of Sanctification. So, yet again, everything worked out. You seriously missed out if you didn't show up though as the Worldwide Stout on coffee and vanilla was awesome. It's a popular combination so definitely try to hit it up if somewhere else has it.

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