Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Because it was in the Refrigerator

Jo and I went to the Outer Banks over Labor Day and stayed at our friend's beach house with a few others. Of course, this meant there were a few beers in the refrigerator left over from when some of her family had been staying there earlier in the week. This included a can of Bud Light Lime-A-Rita.
Honestly, I hesitate to even call this monstrosity beer. I mean, look at the color of that thing. And it was even brighter in person! On top of that, it smelled a little like a lime margarita but even faker than those terrible mixes. A little like a kamikaze shot smells if you've ever had it. Kind of tasted like how I think Mike's Hard Lemonade might taste. Just super fake lime, super sugary, and pretty gross. And, seriously, 24oz? Why does the can need to be that big? Not something I'll try again even as a joke. Just not worth it.

As a side note, a friend of ours got pretty drunk off it. We weren't quite sure how but it was probably a mix of the 8% ABV along with the massive amounts of sugar in it. Made a nice joke the rest of the weekend.


  1. Thank you for confirming my suspicions!

  2. haha. I would have been just fine never trying it but it was right there and we had those small tasting glasses. Bud Light Lime is one thing. I don't particularly like it but I can see why some people drink it. This, not a clue. It was just terrible.

  3. I want to say I've heard of that but have no idea what it actually is. If you think it sounds worse than this, man, that's awful.

  4. I was curious so I looked it up. Bloody Mary beer? That's just wrong.