Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Captain Lawrence Nor'Easter

The last bottle we opened over Labor Day was Captain Lawrence Nor'Easter, a bourbon barrel Winter Warmer brewed with Elderberries. I'm not sure how old this bottle is but I want to say my friend picked it up early last year.
Started normal with a bourbon vanilla nose, no heat either. Basically what you'd expect from a bourbon barrel beer. However, things change kind of dramatically upon the first sip. Lightly vanilla, some sour cream notes without being gross, and tart berry fruitiness. I'm not sure this was how it was supposed to taste but it wasn't metallic or gross, just sour, so it wasn't infected or anything. As I drank more, the bourbon returned as the sour faded a little bit which was nice. Overall, though, it was mainly sour cream vanilla with a fruity tartness.

Since it was brewed with elderberries I imagine that's how the sourness and tart berry flavors appeared. Pretty different and still quite tasty though. Definitely would drink again.

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