Friday, September 7, 2012

Mad Fox Orange Whip

Over Labor Day, one of my friends brought down a growler from the Mad Fox brewpub in Falls Church, VA. Orange Whip is an IPA made with purely citra hops, as far as I know. This is actually the second time I've had it as another friend brought a growler to my house a couple weeks ago. I was excited to get another chance to drink it since I really liked it.
Kind of a dank nose. Lots of orange citrus with an interesting earthy component that mixes really well. Very light body though and kind of thin. Not really a detriment, but I don't feel it benefits from it either. Grapefruit was the major flavor in the body, followed by some vanilla notes for whatever reason, and then a pretty clean finish.

Delicious both times I've had it though I worry about the longevity of flavors considering the thin body and small malt presence. This didn't seem like something built to last but it's a brewpub, draft only beer, so it can totally get away with it. Fairly popular too as far as I know which means the kegs get finished quickly. So, really, Mad Fox has nothing much to worry about as far as Orange Whip other than making more!

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