Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Stone 16th Anniversary

Stopped by Kite & Key yesterday and went with the Stone 16th Anniversary, a Double IPA made with lemon verbena, some rye, and a mix of different hops. If you want more info, just go here to Stone's website and read all about it.
Citrus nose, pretty bright and fresh. Some caramel, pine, citrus, and an herbal spice character that must be the lemon verbena. It was sweeter than I usually expect from a Stone IPA but the finish was still full of a lingering bitterness. Decent enough and worth ordering to check it out once. The herbal quality was certainly interesting.

Two things here. Well, three things. Well, two events and one thing.

First, Yards Smoke 'Em if Yous Got 'Em is this coming Sunday. It was super awesome last year and this year the beer list is shaping up really nicely. If you don't like smoked beers, here's a chance to convince yourself you do. I wrote about last year's event here if you're curious.

Second, also on Sunday, Kite & Key is having another Savage Sixtel Sunday. No idea yet on the kegs but they'll be awesome. If you can still stand from the above event or decide to skip that, this is a decent choice to end the night.

Third, look at this awesome picture my wife got us.
We took that when we visited Cantillon this past May. It's so cool seeing the lambic pitchers, the spider webs, and then a random Stone IPA bottle on the right shelf. Totally makes me want to go back though. Such an awesome trip.

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