Monday, September 24, 2012

Ommegang at Devil's Den

Last week I was given the chance to try a new Ommegang beer at Devil's Den. Pretty neat to get invited to press stuff since I don't really consider myself press (for good reasons, I'd say) but I do get emails sometimes so why not? For this event Devil's Den was doing some new appetizers, some made with Ommegang beers and others just being fancy along with serving the new beer, Scythe & Sickle, a Harvest Ale.

When I got there, the person in charge of the event had a few of us sit at one of the tables. Got to catch up with Steve Hawk and Mat Falco which was nice. A waitress came by and brought us a sampler of the Ommegang beers that were on draft for the night.
As for the new Scythe & Sickle, I was very pleasantly surprised. It's the second from the right, next to the Witte. Sweet and fruity nose. Nice breadiness with some light bitterness and more malty grain in the finish. It wasn't quite an oktoberfest and not bitter enough to be an ipa or anything, which is why I made up Harvest Ale as the style. Just tasty and enjoyable. They are supposed to be pricing it at the same level as Rare Vos which is real reasonable so pick up a four pack and give it a try.

For the food, it was quite good actually. A nice mix of all different stuff.
Not my best picture as the food is in the background a bit, but at least it isn't pitch black like my pictures used to be, right? Just behind the Witte is some duck sausage, to the left is some pate (is that how you spell pate?), and in the back was some pork belly, grilled cheese and some other stuff. I know the other people at the table really enjoyed the pork belly while I liked the duck sausage. Just real tasty.

I'm glad I got to try the new Scythe & Sickle thanks to Devil's Den. I probably would have never had it otherwise and I was really happy with how it turned out. Definitely something I would order again and given that it's priced properly, it's something you should pick up to drink if you're looking for something new. Not sure how long this menu is available at Devil's Den, but it's worth ordering too if you're there.

For another take on the beer and night, take a look at Ryan Hudak's thoughts over at In Search of Beer.

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