Thursday, May 2, 2013

Evil Twin Imperial Biscotti Break

I'd been hearing a lot about this one on the interwebs and finally decided to pick up a bottle when Jo and I were in Raleigh for a wedding. It wasn't cheap but it was way cheaper than buying it here in Philly at least. But, really, that goes without saying if you've ever bought something in the area. Imperial Biscotti Break is an imperial stout brewed with coffee and some other ingredients that I can't remember. I'm so helpful I know.
Sweet molasses and brown sugar nose with some coffee in the back. Body was similar with coffee in the front mixed with molasses and a light roasty bitterness being added. Finished with some warming, but not overpowering, notes of alcohol. If you're sensitive to that flavor, you might pick it up more than I did so keep that in mind. It is a strong beer so not real suprising. Just be aware it's a bit sweet so if that's your kind of thing in a stout, this is totally for you and I would definitely recommend checking it out.

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