Friday, May 3, 2013

Mellody Brewing I Am Your Patersbier

Another beer in Sean Mellody's Tastingjawn is 'I am your Patersbier'. This is a representation of an Abbey table beer so lighter in ABV and body. Also, the name automatically makes me think of Star Wars, don't know about you.
Kind of a grassy, fruity, toasted malt nose. The fruitiness is the most obvious note but the malt in the back comes through as well. Similar flavors followed in the body with a fruity, berry like flavor being first and foremost followed by a bit of yeastiness and some sweetness. Considering this was brewed as an easy drinking dinner beer, it hits its mark for sure. Not really something I'd grab a lot of since I lean towards heavier things, but it was nice being able to try it twice.

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