Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Mellody Brewing Ryeghteous Brown Ale

Another in Sean Mellody's Tasting Jawn is his Ryeghteous Brown Ale. The style is what you'd expect (mostly) in that it's a brown ale brewed with rye along with some smoked malt (update: no smoked malt). I'll note that if Sean is interested in making this one of his flagship beers, he's going to need to change the name. Sixpoint has already sent a cease & desist letter to one brewery so they definitely won't let this stand.
Smelled of toasted nuts and roast. Not much from the rye or the smoked malt but the smokiness may have blended into the roast. Body followed with more roast and more toasted nuttiness with a bit of cherry fruitiness in the finish. The roast was aggressive but not too aggressive. If you've ever had Cigar City's Maduro Brown Ale, it's pretty similar to that. My wife is a big fan of brown ales and liked this which is a good sign. Very pretty beer too, nice clarity. It doesn't really affect the flavor but it's still nice.

Of the three beers he gave us this time, I am your Patersbier, Sour Cherry Patersbier, and Ryeghteous Brown, I liked this one the most. Not terribly surprising, though, since this is the closest to my preferred styles but still.

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