Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Manzanita Brewing Serenity

I don't know where Manzanita brewing is located other than California nor had I ever heard of it before getting this bottle. But, my San Diego buddy sent me this and I finally opened it this weekend. He rightfully mocked me since he sent it like 2 years ago and it took me this long to open it. I drink things slowly, what do you want. Serenity is a barrel aged barleywine.
Sweet, caramel nose, hints of vanilla, bourbon, and a little alcohol. Basically what you'd expect from the style. Body followed with more caramel, vanilla, and bourbon, but did finish with a decent amount of harsh alcohol. Like usual, the alcohol did fade quite a bit as my palate adjusted but it was still pretty present. Good up front and, if the alcohol was a bit more under control, this would be above average. As it stands, if you don't mind alcohol burn, then this is worth a try if you see it but for others it's probably a pass.

Update: Forgot to mention, I'm going to be MIA until at least next Wednesday. Possibly longer, but I don't know what my time will be like coming up since we're having our baby any day now so things may be sporadic longer than that. We'll see. Definitely nothing before Wednesday though.

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