Friday, May 10, 2013

First trip to Forest & Main

For my birthday last week, my very pregnant wife suggested we check out Forest & Main, a new brewpub that opened up in Ambler last year. I've been wanting to get out there forever as I've heard great things about it, but it's just a bit further than Tired Hands and not so conveniently on the way home from my wife's work. Since she's awesome or possibly crazy from the pregnancy, she drove us there even when she couldn't enjoy it. And, again, let me stress that she suggested it. This was not my idea but I was not about to turn her down.

When we got there, they had six beers available with the choice of getting a flight of four so that's what I did.
Nice presentation with the chalkboard and everything. Usually they have eight drafts so four in a flight makes sense to me. Of course two had just kicked the night before so there wasn't an even amount this time but I managed by just getting a small sample of the 5th. Based on the sampler, I decided to start with a glass of Trompeur, their dubbel.
This was my favorite of the night and I ended up getting a small growler of it as a result. Sweet brown sugar and caramel nose. Body started with caramel and raisins and finished with a bit of Belgian character. Tasty dubbel and seemed to fit the style and was just well made.

After that I ordered a glass of Solaire which I think was a wheat beer with some wild yeast although it's labeled a saison on BeerAdvocate so we'll go with that. It's made with spelt if I remember correctly so sure, why not!
After drinking a bit, I knew the 4oz I had in the sampler didn't do this beer justice and I'm so glad I ordered a bigger one. It's a beer that builds on itself, becoming more enjoyable the further into the glass you get. Nose was musty and wheaty, letting the brett shine from the start. Some mustiness followed in the body with a little hoppy bitterness. As I drank more, a light citrus started appearing giving it even more complexity. Quite a good beer and also something that I think would make a great base for wilds if they go that route as the base character would blend real well.

Along with the beer, Jo and I both got the burger which was quite good. The menu wasn't big but there was something for everyone on there which is really what matters. As far as the building itself, it's a quaint, old style home which was very cool. Just a real interesting place with a very unique feel. I will say, other than the fact that they opened around the same time, Forest & Main and Tired Hands are very different and not even really comparable. They make different styles, their atmospheres are different, and the food choices are really polar opposites. The decision on which to visit should be more about which you are closer to than anything else. Though if you like English styles on cask, Forest & Main has a leg up there. Definitely can't wait to make it back here again some time over the summer especially when Jo can enjoy it a bit more!


  1. I've definitely been meaning to check them out. The trek out to Ambler is about twice as far as Tired Hands for me, though, so I've been putting it off. A coworker did get me one of their fancy sour tripel bottles, which was very good...

  2. Yeah it's tough if it's too far that's for sure. Was worth a visit though.