Thursday, March 10, 2011


Jo and I recently met up with some friends at a restaurant named Kennett.  It's located on 2nd street just before Carpenter and is pretty easy to get to.  Reasonable amount of parking as well.  Not a big place, but well set up.  Nice looking bar on your left as you walk in with a couple tables across from it leading into a dining room with four or five more tables.  As I said, not big.  Food was really good.  They have a brick oven and their pizza was very tasty and our friend said their veggie burger was good.  Beer list was decent as well and most likely sees a decent variety.

I started with a glass of Avery Salvation, a Belgian Strong Pale Ale.
Malt forward nose with an almost herbal aroma.  Flowery and sugary finishing with a spice character.  The flowery flavor is the most noticeable part and is consistent throughout.  It was really clean tasting without any bitterness and was pretty easy to drink even at 9%.

After that, we sat down for dinner and I got an Ithaca Flower Power, an IPA.  I've been meaning to try this for a while as it has gotten very positive reviews.
Hey look, a dark picture.  Been a while since I've had one of those.  At 7.5% this is a pretty strong regular IPA, but it doesn't show at all.  Strong pine aroma.  Not bitter smelling though.  Pine at first, then some citrus, and finally some balancing sweetness in the first sip.  There was a tiny bit of lingering bitterness, but the sweetness keeps it from being too dry.  While the hop notes were different, the base sweetness reminded me a bit of Troegs Nugget Nectar.  This was really enjoyable and my friend Bree really enjoyed it as well.  Definitely a good IPA if you like them a little more balanced.

Really enjoyed Kennett and thought the food was really good and the beer list decent.  Beers were a little pricey considering, but not too bad.  Their pizzas were pretty big and so pretty easy to share if you don't want a big meal.  Great place and I think we'd definitely go back.

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