Thursday, March 10, 2011

Weyerbacher Heresy

I mentioned during my post about Weyerbacher Old Heathen that I was really interested in trying Heresy because Old Heathen was so good.  So recently I went to London Grill to try it since I knew it was on draft there.  Totally worth the walk as it was pretty great.
Heresy is Old Heathen that is aged in bourbon barrels for around 2 months I believe.  I know they brewed the batch of Old Heathen in late December and Heresy was bottled in February.  So maybe a month and a half.  Regardless, it isn't that long.  Heresy smelled roasty, but smooth not harsh, with a bit of vanilla and chocolate.  Up front I got a lot of dark fruit chased by some silky roast and then finishing with chocolate, coffee, and vanilla.  As I made my way through the glass, the fruity notes slowly disappeared and I was left with only roast, chocolate and vanilla.  Decent mouthfeel and body as well.

Along with the dark fruit flavors, Heresy was a bit smoother than Old Heathen.  I found the chocolate to be more pronounced and backed by a nice vanilla from the oak.  If I had to choose, Heresy is better but really I found them both to be great.  While Heresy is only brewed once a year in February, it's generally available all year round.  I was still finding bottles from last year's vintage in bottle shops.  So go out and get some and enjoy yet another great Weyerbacher offering.

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