Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Russian River Pliny the Younger (yes again)

I don't usually repeat beers but I walked two miles to get a glass of this so I'm going to repeat it.  Plus, as I like to say, it's my blog and you'll read what I write.  Or you won't I guess.  I hope you will though.  Seriously, please read my blog.  Tell your friends!

Okay, yeah.  So.  Pliny the Younger.  Thanks to Philly Tap Finder, on Friday morning I saw that St. Stephen's Green (at 17th and Green) was tapping a sixtel of it at noon.  Thinking it would make for a pleasant walk whether I got a glass or not (if it was a mob scene I would have just turned around), I made my way there.  However, surprisingly enough, there weren't that many people there when I arrived and I got a seat and everything.
I got my glass and took a seat and enjoyed it while reading my kindle.  Wonderful citrus aroma without any bitter notes.  Tons of citrus up front (maybe even some pineapple?) followed by a little sweetness and finishing bitter and dry.  Like many other IPAs the bitterness lingers a little but not overlong.  It does leave your mouth super dry though.  Curious what the final gravity would be considering the dryness of it.  As I said last time, I couldn't find any heat from the 10.25% ABV which is an accomplishment in and of itself.  Fantastic beer but not one that's easily available so until next year that's all she wrote.  If I'm still doing this then, look for another entry because it really is just that good.

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