Thursday, September 29, 2011

Emelisse Rauchbier

As part of Yard's Smoke 'Em event, they offered to fill a growler with a beer of our choice from whatever was left at the end. Since the New Holland kicked just before I made a decision, I went with the Emelisse Rauchbier.
Since you can't see it, the beer poured a dark brown color. Not much carbonation but that's a result of the growler fill. Smelled like a sweet wood stove, incredibly smoky. Had a large burnt wood flavor followed by some caramel sweetness and finished tasting smoky. Unlike some smoked beers that taste of bacon, this was more campfire. If you enjoy the flavors, it was pretty fantastic but it's definitely going to be a polarizing beer. I enjoyed it though and since I was drinking it, that's what matters.

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