Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sixpoint Righteous Ale

Sixpoint brewery is based out of New York City although I'm not sure where their canning line is situated. I've been meaning to try their beers for a while but haven't made the time until now. I picked Righteous since it's a rye beer and I've gotten on the rye beer train lately.
Mildly hoppy, slightly spicy nose. Some sweetness in the beginning, then a tiny bit bitter, and finishing with some rye spiciness. Not a lot but some. As I drank more, the rye spiciness took over with the sweetness taking a back seat and the bitterness disappearing. Really enjoyed it and the flavors worked really well with dinner.

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  1. Maybe it's my New York bias, but I've been all about the Sixpoint cans this summer. Righteous is bad ass, though Sweet Action was definitely my go to this summer. Can't wait for their Fall seasonal, a pumpkin ale wet-hopped with hops from their rooftop garden. Should be awesome.