Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lost Abbey 10 Commandments at Kite & Key

Had a really excellent beer at Kite & Key this past Tuesday, Lost Abbey 10 Commandments, a Belgian Strong Dark Ale.
Smelled of dark fruits, plums, and caramel. Really inviting nose. Started with caramel, edging towards chocolate, with some light banana flavors in the background. Very light Belgian notes which blended really well with the stronger plum and caramel flavors. The light touch is really welcome compared to some other beers in this style. I really enjoyed this. Another great draft offering from Lost Abbey.

I also found out that Kite & Key's Savage Sixtel Sunday was actually named after their Sunday night bartender, Jim Savage. Only reason I found that out was because he was filling in this Tuesday. Funny as I always thought it was named that just because the owner was putting on awesome beers.

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