Monday, September 12, 2011

Pete G Mr. Bawk Ba Gawk Weizenbawk

After our last beer tasting, my friend left me an extra bottle of his homebrew weizenbock. Mr. Bawk Ba Gawk, and I got around to drinking it last week.
Smelled of bananas and caramel. Pretty decent nose. Thick mouthfeel. Some spiciness, some breadiness, and a bit of alcohol in the first sip. The flavors stayed pretty much consistent throughout the glass. Flavors weren't quite as strong as the nose would have you expect. Some of the banana and caramel flavors just didn't come through. I'm not sure if it was overly sweet which killed some of the more subtle flavors or what. Still, decent homebrew weizenbock as it's a difficult style to pin down and I've definitely had worse commercial versions.

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