Thursday, March 29, 2012

Allagash Saison Mihm

Yet again, I was lucky enough to order one of the beers on the Tuesday following a Savage Sixtel Sunday. Actually, everything except Younger was still pouring so I could have had anything but still. This time it was the Allagash Saison Mihm, a saison made with honey and some other stuff. (edit: I've since been told by their rep Beerlass, the other stuff was juniper and lemongrass. So it's no longer just other stuff. Thanks Suzy!)
I'll say the extra hours of sunlight is certainly great for the ability to actually take pictures at the Kite & Key. Means you can actually see what the beers look like again. Nice sweet honey and floral nose. Hints of fruit underneath the sweetness. Body followed with an emphasis on the honey sweetness. At first, there was a sharp bite from the alcohol but it was pretty cold so that's probably why. Once I warmed it up a bit, the sharpness mostly went away. Definitely pretty good and quite enjoyable.

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